We now offer shipping across the United States.
Perfection at you door step!


Naturally grown.

Prepared with love! 

Our greens are hydroponically grown, and handpicked with the highest regards of quality in mind.

Illustration of fresh vegtables

High Quality Ingredients

Our Vegetables are fresh, local and organically grown

Illustration of pan with balanced meal in it

Balanced Meals

We prepare meals to suit any diet

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Order On the Go

Our products are made to order! So, fresh is our standard!

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Doorstep Delivery

We deliver locally and ship anywhere in the US


Try Our Daily Blends

Customizable Rice Bowls


Caribbean Jerk Chicken

Pan seared Chicken

Pan seared shrimp

Sauteed steak

Black Beans

Garbanzo Beans


Jasmin rice

Brown rice 



Customizable Gourmet Salads                  


Caribbean Jerk chicken

Caribbean Jerk shrimp

Pan seared chicken 

Pan seared shrimp

Grilled Peppercorn Steak

Blackened Salmon


Gourmet Salads

The Adam


Eve's Delight

Southern boarder 

The Santorini

The Caribbean


Fresh ingredients make the difference

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality, locally grown ingredients. 

We are on the way

We deliver perfectly crafted gourmet salads and Blender rice bowls daily!